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EventDateMail link - for general non club related enquiriesSend Mail
2019 MDRC Membership01/01/2019Send Mail
Tom Crisp XC clinic16/03/2019Send Mail
Beginners Introduction to Dressage to Music23/03/2019Send Mail
Dressage test and retest clinic23/03/2019Send Mail
Novice Winter Championships30/03/2019Send Mail
Tour of the Met Police Training Centre02/04/2019Send Mail
Combined training Area Qualifier06/04/2019Send Mail
SPRING TWO DAY FUN CAMP - Members only10/04/2019Send Mail
Marion Bush Polework clinic14/04/2019Send Mail
FOTH championships 18/05/2019Send Mail
Francis Whittington - X Country Clinic16/06/2019Send Mail
Dressage to Music - Area 10 Qualifer30/06/2019Send Mail
MDRC Summer Residential Camp 2 night / 3 days 29/07/2019Send Mail
Russell Guire - Centaur Biomechanics Clinic08/09/2019Send Mail