Making an Entry

When you arrive at your site, you will see a list of events with

the date of the event;

the closing date for entries;

the name of the event and

the venue

The events may be marked as

‘Open for Entries',

‘Closed for Entries’ or

‘Times Available’(These events are effectively closed.)

If a schedule is available, you can click on the link to download it.

If times are available, you can click on the link to download them.


Click on the VIEW button to see more details of the event you wish to enter.


You can make multiple entries for the same event but you must start a new entry if you wish to enter another event.


Schedule Page

From the Schedule page click the ENTER button to proceed with your entry.


Details Page

Enter the details of the first person and any other information required.

Note items which begin with an '*' are required and must be completed.

You may also add additional information or requests in the ‘Special Requests’ box.

Click the CONTINUE button to proceed.


Entry Page

Click the ENTER CLASS button for each class that you wish to enter.

(If check boxes are present, check the option you require.)

‘Entered’ will appear beside the classes you have selected.

If you make a mistake just click the REMOVE ENTRY button.

If a 'First Aid' class is listed, this must be entered once for each person.

When you have finished click the SUBMIT ENTRY button.

You may enter as many classes as required.


Entry Summary

You should see a summary of your entry and the total cost.

If you wish to make an entry for another person (or horse/rider combination) you should click NEW ENTRY .

If you wish to change an entry, click the ‘DELETE ENTRY’ button and then ‘NEW ENTRY’ to start again.

You may make as many new entries as you wish for this event.

When you are sure that your entry is correct click the PROCEED button.


Payment Details

Enter the details of the person making the entry who can be contacted in the event of an emergency, cancellation or if there is a problem with payment.

Then click PROCEED


You may make your payment using either a Paypal account, a credit card or debit card via Paypal's secure payment service.

Click the Paypal 'Pay Now' button to transfer to Paypal's secure site.

Once your payment has been completed successfully, you should receive an email confirmation from both Paypal and Clubentries